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AGA Ghost Ambassadors ~ Meet the Team…


 Hello. My name is Ting, founder of AGA.  As long as I can remember, the paranormal world has been a part of my life.   As a marketing director for vacation tourism, and also as a full time Firefighter/ EMT, I see people at the happiest time of their lives (vacationing) and at the worst times of their lives (911 emergencies).  Seeing people in this setting has given me insight into the world of the living and the dead. It creates a natural balance in my life. The AGA team is beyond the question of “Are there ghost?” We actually are studying them and making communications with them. Our locations provide us with a research facility that actually allows us to make communications with the same spirits on a daily bases. As your tour guide, I’m able to offer you a fun filled experience with some meaningful insight to the other side. We’ve been featured on Good Day Orlando, local news stations, AAA magazine, several podcast shows, been on Real Radio 104.1, Orlando Sentinel and several other local newspapers have written about us. We’ve been featured on Mysteries at the Museums and Paranormal 911 shows. The best thing is American Ghost Adventures is where the paranormal is normal and you’re on one of the TOP 10 ghost tours of the WORLD! Come with an open mind and let us show you our fascinating world.





Hi my name is Kathy and I have always had an interest in the paranormal and history. I have had some very personal experiences with entities that have led me to want to find out more. I like working with American Ghost Adventures because they are a very professional group who take the investigations seriously. So come along with me on a tour in Deland, FL  and learn more about what may or may not be out there still visiting.







Hello, I’m Brooke! I was raised in Orlando, FL. I ventured to Chattanooga, TN and New York, NY for a few years to work, play and go to grad school, but my heart stayed here in O-town! I am a drama therapist and an arts and wellness activities specialist. I am a storyteller, a history lover and one who has an insatiable curiosity about the paranormal realm. Come join me as I tell you about the forgotten stories and stories only the dead know! My excitement will carry over to you as we explore the unknown!







Hi, my name is Debbie. Born and raised in Wisconsin, I’ve been an Orlando area resident since 1983, and have a background in psychology. When not working in the hospitality industry, or out hiking in the wilderness, I’m chasing my other passions: history, antiquing, and of course, all things paranormal. As a collector of genuine ghost stories from all over the world, who has enjoyed a lifetime of personal paranormal experiences, I’m always eager to seek out many more. I’m excited to be a member of the AGA team and look forward to exploring the spirit world with you on one of our upcoming tours.







I’m Robert and I’ve been ghost hunting since 1987.I grew up in Southern California, and have lived coast to coast. I’ve always had an affinity for ghosts and other things that go bump in the night. I have seen a variety of apparitions…from spectral mists and shadow people to full body forms that look as solid as the living. And I’m a veteran Scare-Actor (and it seems that all the attractions I’ve worked were actually haunted.) I’m also a local haunted-historian and story-teller. Besides being able to sense spirits and things, I attract them…in fact, you might say…Dead people see me. If you want to take a walk on the weird side, come with me as I take you on your ghost adventure.







Hello, everyone, my name is Mark. I grew up in a small town in Illinois and moved to the suburbs of Chicago in my late teens to pursue college. During that time I had interactions with transcendent entities that could not be explained. A little later in life, I followed my dream to move to the Central Florida area where I have been living for over 20 years. In that time I have been a chef, actor, salesperson for the attractions and currently in healthcare. I am an armature historian and collector of obscure facts. I have always been drawn to ghost stories and have tried to determine if it is folklore or something more substantial. Having had real experiences I have always looked for the facts of the event. My goal is to ntertain, investigate, and educate my guests







Hi everyone my name is Amanda and I believe in the unbelievable! I have lived in Orlando my entire life and have always been fascinated by the paranormal since hearing stories from my grandma as a little girl. I love the history that my hometown holds making me want to venture more and more into the past and learn what lingers here still in the present. I am more than thrilled to work with one of the top ghost Adventures in the entire world. American Ghost Adventures takes their investigating seriously and we have a blast while we do it! I look forward to connecting to the spirit world in the haunted heart of downtown Orlando with you!





Hi, my name is Sarah! Out in the wild, you can catch me at music shows, bookstores, and the hottest sushi joints in a 2-mile radius. Before moving to Orlando, I grew up in a small historic town of Southern Maryland. I later moved to Virginia to study theatre in college, naturally drawn to a school that had once been a plantation. The experiences there were so strong, they only exacerbated my unquenchable curiosity to learn more about paranormal phenomenon. Curiosity and the pursuit of its satisfaction is a trait as old as mankind itself. Join me on a tour as we bring together skeptics and believers alike. It would be a pleasure to lead you on an investigation and ultimately inspire you to stoke the fires of your own natural curiosity.







Hi everyone, my name is Mela, and I PURSUE the thing that Goes Bump In The Night!  I am a native south Floridian, and having grown up between the Everglades, St. Augustine, and Savannah, GA, historical graveyards just naturally became my own special playground.  I was fascinated by the lives of the people that had lived and died so long before us, and soon found that I was strangely able to relate to them. The first time I remember a spirit actually presenting itself to me, I was only 2 years old.  I was well into my 20s before it was explained to me that I was an “Empath”, and that the spirits weren’t there to scare or hurt me, they just needed to be heard.  After years of being terrified of the paranormal, I began to see it as a gift, which greatly enabled me in my career as a crime scene clean up specialist.  I was able to care for both the living and the deceased.  Orlando is my home, and most people aren’t aware of our rich and interesting history. We’ve been through a lot, as a city and I love showing people our truly unbreakable spirit! While we have many theme parks, we are more than just a playground for the living, we are also surrounded by the departed!! So come take a tour with AGA, and let us show you a whole different side of Orlando!!















Behind The Scenes:




Jason – Logistics and Travel Coordinator.

When Jason isn’t in a fire truck he driving the ghost van and planning the best route for the team’s road trips. He’s more of a skeptic than anything else but he is open-minded to new experiences and places. He enjoys learning and hearing about the history of the locations we have had the privilege of exploring.












AGA web designer Cozmo doesn’t get out much for obvious reasons. He does have an open mind, literally, and enjoys fun websites, reanimated skeletons, graphic design, and the infinite universe. You can channel him at






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