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AGA Ghost Ambassadors ~ Meet the Crew!


My name is Ting, and I’m the founder of AGA.  As long as I can remember, the paranormal world has been a part of my life.   As a marketing director for vacation tourism, and also as a full-time Firefighter/ EMT, I see people at the happiest time of their lives (vacationing) and at the worst times of their lives (911 emergencies).  Seeing people in this setting has given me insight into the world of the living and the dead. It creates a natural balance in my life. The AGA team is beyond the question of “Are there ghosts?” Our locations provide us with a research facility that actually allows us to make communications with the same spirits on a daily basis. As your tour guide, I’m able to offer you a fun-filled experience with some meaningful insight to the other side. We’ve been featured on Good Day Orlando, local news stations, AAA magazine, several podcast shows, been on Real Radio 104.1, Orlando Sentinel and several other local newspapers have written about us. We’ve also been featured on shows like Mysteries at the Museums, Paranormal 911, and Haunted Hospital. The best thing is American Ghost Adventures is where the paranormal is normal and you’re on one of the TOP 10 ghost tours of the WORLD! We are not trying to scare you but educate you on the reality of the paranormal world. Come with an open mind and let us show you our fascinating world.




Hi my name is Kathy and I have always had an interest in the paranormal and history. I have had some very personal experiences with entities that have led me to want to find out more. I like working with American Ghost Adventures because they are a very professional group who take the investigations seriously. So come along with me on a tour in Deland, FL, and learn more about what may or may not be out there still visiting.






Hello, I’m Brooke! I was raised in Orlando, FL. I ventured to Chattanooga, TN and New York, NY for a few years to work, play and go to grad school, but my heart stayed here in O-town! I am a drama therapist and arts and wellness activities, specialist. I am a storyteller, a history lover, and one who has an insatiable curiosity about the paranormal realm. Come join me as I tell you about the forgotten stories and stories only the dead know! My excitement will carry over to you as we explore the unknown!





Hi, my name is Debbie. Born and raised in Wisconsin, I’ve been an Orlando area resident since 1983, and have a background in psychology. When not working in the hospitality industry, or out hiking in the wilderness, I’m chasing my other passions: history, antiquing, and of course, all things paranormal. As a collector of genuine ghost stories from all over the world, who has enjoyed a lifetime of personal paranormal experiences, I’m always eager to seek out many more. I’m excited to be a member of the AGA team and look forward to exploring the spirit world with you on one of our upcoming tours.




Hi there, Heather here, your spectral shepherd! I am a Florida local with a love for all things spooky. I enjoy exploring the paranormal history of my home and hope to share this mysterious side of the Orlando area. When I’m not investigating the paranormal I like to play Dungeons & Dragons or read and perform Shakespeare. I have found that life is an adventure and an open mind is a great compass! I look forward to adventuring into the obscure and strange with all my guests! 






Hello, my name is Ashley! I’ve lived in Florida since 2001 and have a background in history. I pride myself in being an academic and believe that there are mysteries we as people do not quite understand yet. I have explored many hauntings up and down the east coast and can’t wait to share my experiences with you. Joining AGA has given me the opportunity to thoroughly immerse myself in the world of the paranormal and I can’t wait to bring you along with me.





Hello! I’m Christopher. Born and raised in Orlando FL. For the past 20 years, I’ve worked in the theme park world (Universal, Disney) as an Actor/ Stiltwalker/Character performer and other things as well. I have been involved in theater most of my life and branched out into small full sail films. I also have a passion for collecting movie memorabilia and nerd stuff and have always had an interest in the world of the paranormal. Working with AGA has allowed me to discover this fascinating world. I also love history and telling a good story. Having recently experienced paranormal events my self it has really opened my mind. I look forward to exploring this world with you and giving you insight into the history of my great town. 





Hi, I’m Jasmine. I’m a Florida native and was raised throughout Central and South Florida. I’m something of a hard skeptic turned soft. After so many odd personal experiences with the paranormal, I decided to start investigating how and why these kinds of things occur. I enjoy not just investigating the paranormal but the art and history surrounding the locations we tour. When I’m not scratching an itch of curiosity for the unexplainable, I work on researching for world building in multiple tabletop role playing games, read novels, or working on my stand-up comedy. I’m eager to delve into the strange and paranormal adventures with you!




Hello, I’m Felicia.  I moved to Florida from New Jersey and I feel blessed to live where I would vacation.  Ever since I could remember, I have always been interested in the paranormal and spirits. By day, I am a Fraud Investigator and by night, I am spiritually connected to the spiritual realm.  By joining the AGA family it gives me an opportunity to combine my investigative mind with my passion for the unknown in one job.  I hope to inspire you on this amazing journey.





Behind The Scenes:



Jason – Logistics and Travel Coordinator.

When Jason isn’t in a fire truck he driving the ghost van and planning the best route for the team’s road trips. He’s more of a skeptic than anything else but he is open-minded to new experiences and places. He enjoys learning and hearing about the history of the locations we have had the privilege of exploring.





Team Care and Spiritual Consultants –

Hi! We’re Melissa and Phillip. Both of us have had psychic abilities and paranormal experiences since childhood. We both compliment each other psychically and are so honored to be a part of the AGA team.

Phillip is retired from the US Army and a descendant of a long line of Appalachian healers and rootworkers. He is a psychometrist, so he can see energy fields and auras. He is a very gifted psychic reader with powers of discernment.

Melissa is a first responder, empath, and crowned LUcumi/Santeria Priest. She has the gift of clairolfactance and her specialty is spiritual cleansings of people and haunted locations. Melissa was featured in the television program Paranormal 911.





Creative Coordinator/Consultant:

My name is Sarah and I’m from western Massachusetts.  I moved to Orlando 15 years ago – was only supposed to be a 5-month internship, and I never left!  I work in IT and enjoy reading and watching documentaries on murder mysteries. The house I grew up in was built in the late 1700s as a doctor’s office and home.  I have experienced some paranormal activity while growing up there which has always piqued my interest!





Seasonal Investigator:

My name is Rob and I grew up in northeastern Pennsylvania. My passion for the paranormal started as a child with the experiences I had growing up in our family home. In my adult years, I have had several experiences that could not be explained. I have sought answers and my journeys into the realm of the paranormal have led me to more questions than answers. I met Ting and the staff at American Ghost Adventures and immediately knew this is where I wanted to grow my knowledge as part of an amazing team of professional paranormal investigators and guides. I look forward to exploring, having a lot of fun, learning some history, and sharing some interaction with the departed with you and your group.







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Would you like to become a Paranormal Investigator with
American Ghost Adventures?…

Paranormal Guide/Investigator (Greater Central Fl Area)

Our company is always taking applications for tour guides for our year-round
ghost tour in downtown Orlando. This a part-time position and
you will rotate shifts with other tour guides. You MUST BE AVAILABLE
at night.
There are specific things we are looking for.
Someone that:

1. Has a passion for the paranormal and is not afraid of the paranormal or dark spaces. Be able to show people a great time and show enthusiasm regarding the subject matter!

2. You do NOT have to believe in the paranormal. The ideal person still should be able to entertain the thought and be able to relay a great story.

3. Can talk and project his/her voice and talk in front of people. Be able to improvise on the spot! It’s show business and you have to have tough skin! You should also be comfortable walking through downtown Orlando leading your own group.

4. Can entertain groups and socialize well with the public. We do media interviews all the time. Must be sociable! You will be required to speak on the phone and write a summary of your findings after each tour.

4. Lives near the downtown Orlando area and has NO transportation issues. Doesn’t depend on another person for a ride.

5. Is a self-starter and is responsible. You will be a subcontractor for the company and organization is key. You will have the freedom to be creative regarding the style of your tour.

6. Can follow instructions and is detail-oriented. Must be willing to learn and can memorize information.

  • Guides must be available to work a minimum of six nights per month. Weekend availability may be required. For scheduling, guides must be able to provide their availability to work 3 to 4 weeks in advance.
  • Walking tours last approximately 2 hours, covering about one mile of ground, and have anywhere from 2 to 20 guests. Guides must have the ability to walk/stand for the tour duration.
  • Must be 21 years old or older because we do go INSIDE bars and host pub tours.

If this sounds like you, please submit a paragraph/essay on why you want to be a tour guide, a resume, and a headshot that will be used on our website. (3 items are needed) Good writing skills are required. No TEXT messaging formats will be accepted.  Also when sending
a photo, please make sure it reflects that you WANT a job. Please understand that WE WILL CONTACT YOU if we are interested in your resume. Thank you for your understanding.

Submit your information to:

Thanks for Applying for the Paranormal Guide/Investigator position!