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AGA Ghost Ambassadors ~ Meet the Team…



 Hello. My name is Ting, founder of AGA.  As long as I can remember, the paranormal world has been a part of my life.   As a marketing director for vacation tourism, and also as a full time Firefighter/ EMT, I see people at the happiest time of their lives (vacationing) and at the worst times of their lives (911 emergencies).  Seeing people in this setting has given me insight on the world of the living and the dead. It creates a natural balance in my life. The AGA team is beyond the question of “Are there ghost?” We actually are studying them and making communications with them. Our locations provide us with a research facility that  actually allow us to make communications with the same spirits on a daily bases. As your tour guide, I’m able to offer you a fun filled experience with some meaningful insight to the other side.  Remember, American Ghost Adventures, is where the paranormal is normal and you’re on one of the top 10 ghost tours of the world!





Hi my name is Kathy and I have always had an interest in the paranormal and history. I have had some very personal experiences with entities that has led me to finding out more. I like working with American Ghost Adventures because they are a very professional group who take the investigations seriously. So come along with me on a tour and learn more about what may or may not be out there still visiting.








Hello Everybody! My name is Alan. Been living in Orlando since 2005. I grew up in the Burbs, south of Detroit Michigan. I believe that just because degree holding scientists can’t reproduce something in a lab, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. There is a lot of mysterious and difficult to explain phenomenon out there and I prefer to keep an open mind about it. If I am your guide expect a fun, informative, humor filled, and spooky trek through Down Town Orlando. So please join me and the spirits of Orlando for a night on the town you will not soon forget.






Hello, I’m Brooke! I was raised in Orlando,FL. I ventured to Chattanooga,TN and New York,NY for a few years to work, play and go to grad school,but my heart stayed here in O-town! I am a drama therapist in training and an arts and wellness activities specialist. I am also a storyteller,a history lover and one who has an insatiable curiosity  about the paranormal realm. I am beyond excited to get to explore with AGA and I can’t wait go on an adventure with you!






Hi everyone my name is Kelci! I’m originally from Indiana and moved here a few months ago. I attended Ball State University and was a tour guide for the campus, showing students of all ages around my college. When it comes to the supernatural, I’m a believer despite never having seen an apparition of any kind. To me, it just makes logical sense that there’s more in this world than just us. After all, energy is never truly destroyed. I’ve had the chance to go on other tours around the country including one in New Orleans. I’ve always been fascinated by not only ghosts, but about who they were as people, what they accomplished, and what makes some people become spirits and not others. On my tours, you’ll definitely get your fill of fun Orlando history and hopefully, we’ll all get to see some cool ghosts along the way.






Hey there! My name is Daniel, and I’ve been in Orlando since the fall of 2015 when I moved here from St. Augustine to attend UCF. St. Augustine has 450 years of history, and with that comes a lot of ghost stories. I grew up hearing all of the tales and thought they were very intriguing, so naturally I ended up giving ghost tours in town when I got older. When I was a teenager I used to have many doubts about the paranormal, but since then I have had too many explainable experiences to count. My goal is to entertain while learning more about why and how paranormal phenomenon occurs. I’m very excited to be part of the AGA team!






Hi, my name is Debbie. Born and raised in Wisconsin, I’ve been an Orlando area resident since 1983, and have a background in psychology. When not working in the hospitality industry, or out hiking in the wilderness, I’m chasing my other passions: history, antiquing, and of course, all things paranormal. As a collector of genuine ghost stories from all over the world, who has enjoyed a lifetime of personal paranormal experiences, I’m always eager to seek out many more. I’m excited to be a member of the AGA team, and look forward to exploring the spirit world with you on one of our upcoming tours.






Hello Everyone! My name is Lindsey and I grew up in Massachusetts where hearing ghost stories is the norm. I’m a skeptic by nature, and never fully believed until I personally experienced the paranormal first hand here in Orlando! With the rich and vibrant history of Orlando, I look forward to giving you a ghost story of your own!







I’m Robert and I’ve been ghost hunting since 1987.I grew up in Southern California, and have lived coast to coast. I’ve always had an affinity for ghosts and other things that go bump in the night. I have seen a variety of apparitions…from spectral mists and shadow people to full body forms that look as solid as the living. And I’m a veteran Scare-Actor (and it seems that all the attractions I’ve worked were actually haunted.) I’m also a local haunted-historian and story-teller. Besides being able to sense spirits and things, I attract them…in fact you might say…Dead people see me. If you want to take a walk on the weird side, come with me as I take you on your ghost adventure.






Hello and welcome! My name is Becca, it’s nice to meet you. I am a Florida native, grew up in Cape Coral and moved to Orlando in 2014 for school. I am currently a graduate student at the UCF, working on gaining my M.A. in public history. History belongs to everyone and I am dedicating my life to making the past accessible, interesting, and interactive for all! Working as a ghost ambassador is the perfect way to both accomplish this dream and combine my passions. I love studying how people live their lives, what legacies and energy live on after them, and how all these factors culminate to shape the present and the future. Personal experiences have made me a believer in the paranormal, but I like to keep an open mind in order to determine man-made creaks from ghostly presence. Come join me, and I will give you an exciting tour full of history and haunts!





Hello all! I’m Steven and I am originally from Long Island, New York. Having had several paranormal experiences throughout my life, I have taken quite the interest in this subject. Not only have I had random encounters at a few locations but as a child, I interacted with a recently deceased family member. Coming into American Ghost Adventures, I was fascinated and surprised by all of the rich history surrounding the activity in the area. Besides my interest in the paranormal, I also have a passion for theatre, even going to school for it and earning my bachelors degree. So come on down! I can’t wait to meet all of you and most importantly, introduce you to some of our dear departed friends.






Hello out there!  My name is Stephanie, I have lived in Orlando off and on since 1986.  Since I was a child I have always had experiences with the paranormal.  As I got older it became my passion and I began to investigating. I especially enjoy the history and the background on haunted places.  American Ghost Adventures is an amazing experience for believers and non believers.  I look forward to meeting you on the next adventure!






Hello everyone! My name is Jeremiah. I may be a bit of a skeptic when it comes to paranormal activity, but one thing I have learned is to always keep an open mind. I grew up in North Georgia in the mountains of Blue Ridge, but have settled here in Orlando after a 6 year military tour. Growing up with a Navajo Indian for a mother, my childhood was filled with stories and anecdotes of spirits and the paranormal. I have spent countless hours researching the causes of many of the signs of paranormal activity and their mundane explanations. While science can explain a great deal, there seems to still be a bit of a gap between science and explanation. It is this gap which keeps me so highly interested in the paranormal and in a state of discovery and wonder. I am constantly fascinated by the anecdotes of the human psyche and the forces beyond our understanding, which has led me to the possibility that the world around us may be inhabited by something we still can’t quite explain. I can’t wait to bring you in on my search for answers and can’t wait to share with you the stories of those who have been there before.









Behind The Scenes:


IMG_20140816_132919Investigator and Photographer
Hello! My name is Lester.I was born in Oregon and moved to Singapore in 2003. I decided to come back to the States in 2012 and currently stay between New York and Orlando managing properties. I have a background in Marine Biology and Environmental Science and have owned companies ranging from restaurants to medical offices to horse racing stables. Watching shows on TV about the paranormal made me want to explore further and see if anything that happened on those shows could possibly be true or if they were just staged. I always feel first hand experience is the best way to judge something for yourself and I joined American Ghost Adventures to try and formulate my own answers. So far, I have come across things that could be easily debunked with scientific explanations. But it’s those things I have witnessed with my own eyes which have no explanation that intrigue me. I always try to take a scientific approach to deciphering each experience and i can honestly tell you not everything can be, at least not with our current understanding of science. Join us on a tour/investigation, see for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Maybe you too, will get to experience something you can’t explain.




Social Media Specialist/Researcher

Hi, my name is MiChel. When I was younger I wasn’t able to separate Hollywood paranormal from what’s actually out there, and I was always very scared of it. As I got older, I did some research and investigating into the actual paranormal and became very interested in what I found. There’s a whole other world out there if you’re willing to open up and let yourself experience it. You don’t need fancy equipment or a guide, just trust your instincts, chances are, you have already experienced the paranormal. I pursued my chance to work with American Ghost Adventures so that I could further my experience and knowledge, and I hope to share what I learn with anyone who is willing to listen.






Hey, I’m Brandon! I have lived in Orlando, Florida for 12 years from Bronx, New York. I attend Florida Technical College to pursue my associate’s degree in criminal justice. I am also a musician! I have always been intrigued by the paranormal. I have had some personal experiences of my own and I am grateful to be part of the wonderful team of AGA! I can’t wait to guide you through a journey of the paranormal!









As a retired law enforcement officer, criminal investigator, firefighter/EMT originally from the Cleveland Ohio area. Over a 25 year career period, Chris has seen a lot of situations and experienced numerous phenomenon that has made him wonder about the paranormal.  Using theory and some of the equipment available to paranormal investigators today he is able to further understand the paranormal. When evidence can be combined with historical data, he believes that a stronger conclusion can be determined.






Melanie, originally from Connecticut has 20 years of experience in the health field in a hospice environment. Melanie has seen numerous situations that have allowed her to experience events within the paranormal realm. She has the ability to interact with energy and is a sensitive to the paranormal environment. Melanie has been exploring these phenomenon for over a decade and continues to develop her sensory skills.








Greetings! My name is Darren, and I am a corporate lawyer by day and a paranormal enthusiast at “night.”  Prior to practicing law, I had the opportunity to be a theme park VIP tour guide, entertainment manager, and even acted in a murder mystery show.  I call both Boston and Hilton Head Island, SC “home,” but I have been mostly in Orlando since 1994.  Personally, I have always been drawn to the stories and mystery associated with the paranormal.  For many of us, the “jury is still out” on the afterlife and whether spirits may walk amongst us.  As a lawyer, I am skilled at exploring both sides of any “argument” and seeking to find the truth.  Maybe we will encounter something unique that has a logical, scientific explanation, but maybe we’ll experience that awesome moment where even the most skeptical among us has no explanation for what we shared.  Either way – I may just challenge your thinking!  Allow me to be your guide and investigator as we embark on an entertaining, informative, and scientific journey that might just provide you with some evidence and experiences to support your own theories!




Jason – Logistics and Travel Coordinator.

When Jason isn’t in a fire truck he driving the ghost van and planning the best route for the team’s road trip. He’s more of skeptic than anything else but he is open minded to new experiences and places. He enjoys learning and hearing about the history of the locations we have been privileged to explore.







Jr Ghost Ambassador in training/Kid tour liaison.

 Kasen has seen and dealt with spirits from a young age. He is learning to communicate with them and not to be frighten by them. He has also helped other young children talk about their encounters and help them feel more comfortable with their experiences.










AGA web designer Cozmo doesn’t get out much for obvious reasons. He does have an open mind, literally, and enjoys fun websites, reanimated skeletons, graphic design, and the infinite universe. You can channel him at




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